FuelCircle for Retail

Minimally invasive for your store, maximum fuel savings for your customer

Whether you're looking to support an existing loyalty program or researching ways to provide your customers with rewards for shopping your store, you've made it to the right place.  At FuelCircle, we've merged the power of the ultimate reward in gasoline with our flexible and intuitive reward platform.  The FuelCircle program supports existing retail point-of-sale systems like, IBM, NCR, Retalix and Scanmaster (others by request).  We can also integrate seamlessly to existing loyalty systems via our robust set of APIs.  The FuelCircle program is a cost effective way to leverage the power of gasoline, which means you can promote with gasoline year-long or on a promotional or event basis.  We invite you to learn more by reviewing this page or contacting us now at 847-553-9137.

FuelCircle Retailer Benefits:

Nothing drives increases in customer acquisition, trips, spend and retention like FuelCircle's dollars off gasoline fuel based reward program.  That's because consumers will go out of their way to save on fuel--at your store.  With the largest redemption network, made up of the best brands, the FuelCircle fuel reward program gives your customers the added incentive to shop your store, exclusively.  So go ahead, leverage the power of the FuelCircle program and stop sharing your customers with your competition.  Fuel drives these metrics and more:

Increase In-Store Sales
 – Proven fuel reward promotion methods designed to lift consumer spend, grow consumer counts, and increase retention.

Increase Loyalty – FuelCircle fuel rewards offers support and align with your existing marketing goals and brand strategy. The result is a relevant reward program that keeps consumers engaged and coming back to your store.

Increase Relationships – Fuel rewards move the dial.  Consumers place an extremely high perceived value on fuel which means fuel will grow your customer counts as they seek more ways and more places to save on fuel. 

The Ultimate Reward  - By promoting with FuelCircle Fuel Rewards you can maintain higher margin, improve customer traffic, reduce promotion expense and increase promotion efficiency.

How it Works for Your Customers:

Shop. Earn. Redeem. Repeat

SHOPDollars off fuel discounts are offered on items throughout your store or at basket level.  Each discount carries an underlying point value.  Discounts may be margin funded or funded by vendors.

EARN - At checkout, consumers earn their discounts based on retailer defined qualifying purchases and reward information is printed on their receipt.  The points associated with their discounts are credited to their account, in most cases linked to their loyalty card, although a loyalty card is NOT necessary for your store to participate in FuelCircle.

REDEEM - The FuelCircle platform allows consumers to aggregate their rewards from other participating, but non-competing retailers to accelerate their savings on fuel in the FuelCircle program.  The FuelCircle card is accepted at nearly 30,000 gasoline retail locations and the card works similarly to a gasoline gift card.  Current partnered fuel brands include: Chevron and Texaco, Sunoco and BP.

REPEAT - FuelCircle provides a Members only web portal where consumers can manage their account and monitor their point balances and associated FuelCircle Reward Card value.  Dollars off FuelCircle discounts can be aggregated and the consumer needs to do nothing more to receive their dollars off savings since all loads are automatically triggered and digitally added to the consumer's Reward Card in real time.

FuelCircle for Small Business

Whether your goal is acquiring new customers, building loyalty among your customer base or cross-selling your various products and services; providing your customers the opportunity to earn free gas with FuelCircle Points can give your business or organization a competitive edge. FuelCircle Points are also a great motivator for your employees as an incentive and/or recognition for their job performance.

With FuelCircle Rewards you can:

  • Easily purchase and award FuelCircle Points online
  • Step by step "point and click" process to order Points
  • Manage Point award history and activity effortlessly

Campaigns make tracking FuelCircle Point offers a breeze:

  • The ability to create individual fuel-based Reward campaigns for specific offers
  • Campaigns are simple and a great way to track how customers/employees respond to free gasoline offers

Reward your customers or employees in multiple ways:

  • Directly deposit FuelCircle Points into their individual FuelCircle Member accounts
  • Issue FuelCircle Point certificates via email
  • Print FuelCircle Point certificates to distribute to customers/employees
  • Distribute FuelCircle Reward Codes for pre-packaged products

Ready to get started? Visit www.FuelCircleRewards.com  to learn more.